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Lindale Texas Wikipedia

Lindale L N D E L Is A City In Smith County Texas United States The Population Was 4818 In The 2010 Census It Is Part Of The Tyler Texas

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Lindane Wikipedia

Lindane Also Known As Gammahexachlorocyclohexane Hcch Gammaxene Gammallin And Sometimes Incorrectly Called Benzene Hexachloride Bhc Is An Organochlorine

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Hexachlorocyclohexane Wikipedia

Hexachlorocyclohexane Hch Is Any Of Several Polyhalogenated Organic Compounds Consisting Of A Sixcarbon Ring With One Chlorine And One Hydrogen Attached To Each

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Alphahexachlorocyclohexane Wikipedia

Lindane However Has Not Been Produced Or Used In The United States For More Than 20 Years At Ambient Temperatures It Is A Stable White Powdery Solid

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Ideal Sources For Wikipedias Health Content Are Defined In The Guideline Wikipediaidentifying Reliable Sources Medicine And Are Typically Review Articles

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Lindane Definition Of Lindane By Medical Dictionary

Looking For Online Definition Of Lindane In The Medical Dictionary Lindane Explanation Free What Is Lindane Meaning Of Lindane Medical Term What Does Lindane Mean

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Lindane Simple English Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Lindane Is An Insecticide It Can Be Used To Kill Insects The European Union Allows Its Use As An Insecticide Since 2008 This Is Because It Takes A Very Long Time

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Lindane Definition Of Lindane By The Free Dictionary

Define Lindane Lindane Synonyms Lindane Pronunciation Lindane Translation English Dictionary Definition Of Lindane N An Isomer Of The Chlorocarbon C6h6cl6

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History And Use The Use Of Lindane As An Insecticide Began In The 1940s It Has Been Used To Treat Food Crops And To Forestry Products As A Seed Treatment A Soil

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Lindane Wikipedia Lindane Countable And Uncountable Plural Lindanes Organic Chemistry The Organochlorine Insecticide 123456hexachlorocyclohexane Synonyms

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