New Sleep Apnea Treatment with Sleep Apnea Pillow

Snoring is a loud or rough noise that can occur when we are asleep. This snoring sound is formed by the flow of breath that we breathe trying to pass through the airway behind the throat. This is because the area is narrowed or closed, for example due to obesity or the use of drugs that cause the muscles of the throat to become weak. In previous article, we discussed about sleep apnea definition. Today we will continue our topic about sleep apnea, this is  about sleep apnea treatment with sleep apnea pillow.

Although not a rare case, some cases of snoring can cause a breathing cessation called apnea (sleep apnea). Apnea can occur because the obstacle of the airway is so severe that the body works extra hard to breathe air into the lungs. When it lasts more than 10 seconds, the breath will stop and start again with breathing like a choking. In one night, sleep apnea sufferers can experience this several times up to dozens of times. As a result, instead of waking up freshly, they will feel tired in the morning as if he has been working hard.

Many people do not realize that they snore during sleep. The obstruction to entry of air during sleep can make the body lack of oxygen and trigger a disturbance in the heart rhythm. In fact, people who have sleep apnea are at risk of developing high blood later in life.

Sleep Apnea Pillow
Sleep Apnea Pillow

Not allowed to sleep supine

To overcome sleep apnea and lack of oxygen during sleep, doctors will usually recommend the use of CPAP tools (Continuous positive airway pressure), which is a complete machine tool with a mask using during sleep. This tool can help to increase the air respiration and keep the airway always open. However, the use of CPAP forces users to sleep supine for fear of be released during sleep if the sleeping position changed. In fact, people who snore is not recommended to sleep supine.

When supine, the airways behind the throat becomes narrower as the neck is flexed. For the snorer, the recommended sleeping position is lying on his side or supine with the back from the waist upward elevated. This position can prevent the airway closing. Changing sleeping position is one of the sleep apnea treatment options that is cheaper and easier to do than the use of CPAP, surgery, or other sleep apnea therapy.

Help With Sleep Apnea Pillow

To prevent sleep apnea, there are now some pillows that are designed specifically to support the body or head to keep the airway open. This pillow can be used alone or together with CPAP machine. Its shapes also varies. These pillows generally aim to help keep users sleeping on their side. However, there are also designed to support the upper body during sleep, especially for people who use CPAP or can not sleep besides in supine position. This pillow is made of solid foam so it can support the body position to keep stable.

The thing to be consider when choosing a buffer pillow is to ensure that the neck area is well supported so that the airway is not closed by the tongue. Pillows should also be able to keep the user does not move sleeping position from tilted to supine unconsciously during sleep. And most importantly, the pillow should be comfortable in the head and do not cause pressure on the shoulders and arms.

New Sleep Apnea Treatment with Sleep Apnea Pillow


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